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Former Member
Sep 19, 2007 at 05:01 PM

Some question for experts !! Urgent


I have following queries:

1) When a copy fucntion fails, if i get an error message saying a variable could not be determined. Can i change the text for the same to make it user friendly.

2) If i have a fucntion geeting executed before display of layout...i.e it executes and on success layout gets diaplyed. Now if the fucntion fails, ideally, we get error message and layout is nt displayed. can i have soem check so that it displays error message and also show layout. fucntion executed is a copy fucntion and if there is nothign to be copied it would fail but that should not stop the displ of layout for users.

3) can we ever highlight a row in layout with diff color and after soem function execution the highlight goes away...

please help me on this opinion is awaited