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Former Member
Sep 19, 2007 at 03:56 PM

"Problematic iViews" and the 32K-Problem


Hi Everybody,

I know the 32K problem is already mentioned a lot of times, but i have not been able to find an answer to my problem.

Like others I received an error saying:

Error in compiling Flex application: Error: Branch between 97862 and 130633 around line 0 exceeds 32K span. If possible, please refactor this component.

The solution -as far as i understood- is to restructure the program. My program is quite big and that's why i wonder:

Is there a way to figure out which iView (i.e. nested iView) is the "problematic one"?

Can the numbers 97862 and 130633 somehow be helpful?

I looked at the sourcecode (pressing the SOURCE button), but that gave me no clue at all.

If that is not possible, how am i able to identify a problematic iView, because all of my nested iViews deploy fine if they are deployed separately.

I hope somebody can help me.

Yours Mark