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Why do SAP HANA client ODBC header files contain C++ comments?

Sep 04, 2017 at 02:29 PM


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Some of the SAP HANA 2 ODBC header files in sdk/odbc/incl contain C++ comments (starting with //).

We compile our ODBC client application with all warnings on and -Werror option. For now we have 2 workarounds: Edit and fix the original ODBC header or (2) do not compile with -Werror.

However, we consider this problem as a bug:

Since ODBC is by essence a C API, the header files should only contain /* ... */ C comments.

Note: We are new at SAP HANA 2 Express Edition, and would like to report issues, but it seems that my account is not allowed to report incidents. Please as SAP HANA Express Edition user let us report problems and follow up.



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Ok, I see the point you're making. But, I disagree :)

While originally designed for C ODBC is nowadays used with a whole bunch of languages, including C++.

If you choose to set the compiler warnings to include everything and value all of them as an error, that's your choice, but certainly, this doesn't make it a bug. It shouldn't be too hard to strip the header files during your make run, so that's probably the easiest way to work around this.
This, of course, is my personal opinion on that.

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Jeff Albion
Oct 11, 2017 at 12:41 PM

Hello Sebastien,

Thanks for reporting this issue - I've filed a bug for this problem and it will be fixed in upcoming versions of the HANA client.

Best regards,


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Hello Sebastien,

This issue has been fixed and released in versions:

HANA 2 SPS02 - Client version 2.2.34 (released concurrently with server release 2.00.023)
HANA 2 SPS01 - Client version 2.1.60 (released concurrently with server release
HANA 1 SPS12 - Client version 1.12.75 (released concurrently with server release

Best regards,