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Sep 04, 2017 at 08:42 AM

Partition, Archive, cold data


Dear expert.

I need your advise. I have a small hana DB (standalone) for COPA implementation. Evry mounth we replicate CE11000 table from ECC to HANA. The CE11000 table is very large - around 60 GB, 1 milion entries.

now it's the time to partition the table, I try create partition in the QA and I used range partition , The partition is by 'PERIO'. So I have 5 partitions for PERION column, and the system create another partition without range.

Now after the progress is finish I see the partition without the range is full of data. why? maybe the range partition is not good for my implemntation? maybe the size of the table? what is the best partition stategy for this table? Now lets say I finish with the partition, do you now if there is a way to load to memory only single partition ? (UNLOAD <table_name> [<partition_restriction>])

I try to do this because I want to archive part of the CE11000 table and I I realy don't now what is the best way for me. If I will archive in Abap system the data will be missing from HANA.

HANA version - 1.00.112

Please advise Naor