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Sep 04, 2017 at 07:59 AM

How to create SMP IGW service using Microsoft Dynamics OData service


Dear Experts,

We are trying to create a IGW OData service from Microsoft Dynamics 365 OData service where we want to fetch only limited fields from an entity.

To achieve this we are using REST as data source in eclipse. After publishing the service on SMP I am not able to get output and getting error Internal Server Error.

And when i have checked SMP log then found below error:

2017 09 04[Gateway][BUSINESS][ReadEntitySetFailed]:Data Provider - readEntitySet failed: service = MICROSOFT , entity set = po_customers , message = String index out of range: -1 : Transaction ID: e185c127-5f27-4ddc-abdc-c47180654f5f |
2017 09 04 failed to serve request for URI https://XXXXXX:8083/gateway/odata/SAP/MICROSOFT;v=8/po_customers, message = String index out of range: -1: Transaction ID :e185c127-5f27-4ddc-abdc-c47180654f5f |