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Former Member
Sep 19, 2007 at 11:29 AM

Using a boolean formula in condition


Hi All,

In my report I've two prices, legal price and audit price.

Legal price is a Nav. att. in cube it is an attribute of material.

My requirement is to show only those records where audit price < legal price.

First, I tried to achieve this by putting audit price in condition and creating a varriable for legal price, but it didn't do anything that condition shows all the records.

Then I've created a boolean formula called flag and put this condition in it. It shows me 0 and 1 correctly. But, when I create any condition based on this flag saying flag > 0 or flag = 1, or flag = 0; I got no record.

Can anyone pls. explain what I'm doing wrong or Bex. treat boolean formulas differently in conditions.