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Sep 19, 2007 at 11:05 AM

error when refresh query


Hello gurus, this issue occurs:

when I try to run a query, I see this message:

You do not have authorization for InfoCube ZC_MM_RT

Message no. RSM833

You do not have authorization for InfoCube 'ZS_MM_AREA'.

You need authorization for authorization object Administrator Workbench

- InfoCube with InfoArea 'ZS_MM_AREA', InfoCube 'ZC_MM_RT',

InfoCube-subobject 'DATA' and activity '23'.

I made the activities that the message advises, I regenerated the query..

I checked the trace with ST01 and added the objects..

The strange is that the problem occurs for some users of the role, for the other ones there aren't issues.

There is a specific check (I have just look every corner of PFCG and SU01) that can I use?

It's urgent, because these users can't open and see the query..

Have you some ideas?

Thanks a lot

Vito Savalli