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Sep 02, 2017 at 04:58 PM

ABSL Sales Order Creation Performance(Bydesign)


Dear Experts

I create a custom BO,and use xml input to upload datas into this Csutom BO.

And in the meantime.At the aftermodify event.I use these data uploaded to create Sales order by absl.

It works, but when records is over 30 , the perfomance becomes slower and slower.

10 records takes 1 minutes.

30 records takes 8 minutes.

100 records takes 131 minutes!!

And 150 records , creation failed.

Does anyone give me some advice?

Can i do something to the performace.

Can I do something about creation failed(Is there a time trigger?over particular time,then server will cut me off? )

Thank you

Best Regards


createion-code.txt (26.6 kB)
custom-bo.txt (4.1 kB)