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Hi I need to create logic in stored procedure in sap hana.pls gude me for below requirements pls

hi I have to create a logic to the below Batch mechanism in sap hana stored procedure..

We need to create a batching mechanism for below

Where if number of records read over an interval of 15 mins are more than 3 million then it should divide into multiple batch number with 3 million in each batch.
While dividing them in 3 million batch size all the related records for same notifications should be grouped together in same batch. Example: Batch limit is 50 records (in place of 3 million for example). And there are 3 Notif Ids.: Notif1 - 20 records Notif2 - 20 records Notif3 - 15 records The the records will be tagged with batch number as follows: Notif1 - Batch1 Notif2 - Batch2 Notif3 - Batch3 So even if the addition of Notif1 and Notif2 is 40 record which is less than 50 ,but as the 3rd Notif3 is more than 10 records it should be given a new batch number.

could pls help me in creating this logic in stored SAP HANA

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  • Hi Raghavendra

    please understand that the SAP community platform is not the place to dump your specifications and wait for others to do your work. If you face specific problems while working on a problem yourself, please describe what you have done so far, where you struggle and what you have tried to solve the problem up to now. Please mention other relevant answers that you've checked and let us know why these didn't work for your case.

    Please do also make sure to mention the software versions you are using and ideally your data schema, example data, and expected results.


    Lars (Moderator)

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    ok got it thanks

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