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NavigationServlet.doGet: exception occured.

Sep 01, 2017 at 03:26 PM


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I'm trying to reproduce and launch locally (SAP WEB IDE) an Enterprise Portal application (or at least a skeleton of the main page view, w/o making the navigation navigate to different places/views - this is not required, the only thing I want is to render the navigation). The basic idea is to use xhr requests on the local SAP WEB IDE project from a working, development portal and it all works fine thanks to CORS (Cross-origin). Well almost.

The navigation is based on the L-SAPI (L-Shape API). I've came to a problem with a request to the NavigationServlet ( which basically should return the requestedNode json response required to build up the navigation, starting like the example code below:

"requestedNode": {
        "codeLink": "",
        "additionalAttributes": [{
            "key": "",
            "value": "true"
        }, {
            "key": "",
            "value": "false"
        }, {
            "key": "",
            "value": "Automatic"
        }, {
            "key": "",
            "value": "None"
        "directLaunchURL": null,
        "showType": 0,
        "hasChildren": "false",
        "id": "navurl://efd79fb2a501e1e96f5ce55e18dcd48f",
        "title": "Home",
[..] etc.

The problem is that instead of the json in the response, I simply get:

"NavigationServlet.doGet: exception occured."

The url is exactly the same that is called by the development portal entity (it contains the same attributes in the request header query string), like:

  1. action:
  2. mode:
  3. supportInitialNavNodesFilter:
  4. filterViewIdList:
  5. targetNodeId:
  6. pathname:
  7. sap-ep-inp:
  8. sap-ep-nh:
  9. sap-ep-pp:
  10. sap-ep-ul: en
  11. sap-ep-ur:
  12. afpVerifierKey:

Does this has to do something with authentication failure (different domains: localhost and development) or am I missing something else? Is there a way to make that call return the proper json response using CORS (or something additional)?

AFAIK the Enterprise Portal applications cannot be run properly on SAP WEB IDE (I'm using NWDS for this). The problem is, that running a local entity of the portal application isn't possible with NWDS (or at least I'm not aware of a way to do it) and development is very painful this way.

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1 Answer

Jun Wu Sep 01, 2017 at 04:19 PM

looks like SOP issue.

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