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When we will create a vendor as a MRP Area? Request help in examples of real time scenario.


I need some clarification on the concept of creating Vendor as a MRP area. When i create vendor as a MRP area in subcontracting category, i noticed that the stocks are posted at the vendor (MRP area) and not at the plant level. I have the following questions,

1. How that vendor stock is going to be used further?

2. The term Vendor is generally used when we procure from them, but here we are fulfilling the vendor. In which scenario, will we be knowing the demand quantity of a vendor?

3. Also, we are entering the demand manually for the vendor (MRP area) in MD61. Is there any other way, that the demand of the MRP area vendor can be created?

4. Can anyone give me some real time scenario, where we will be creating a vendor as MRP area?

Thanks in Advance,


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    Sep 01, 2017 at 01:14 PM

    Hi Sabitha

    The vendor MRP area is only used to plan the vendor separately on a subcontracting scenario. From a materials management perspective, there is no change in the stocks and the stock provided to the vendor is still special stock O.

    I did not really understand the second question, so I cannot comment it.

    It is not necessary to create the demand for your vendor in MD61, MRP will generate subcontracting requirements once you have a subcontracting planned order/requisition with components.

    The real time scenario is a subcontracting scenario, where you provide components to your vendor.


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    • Hi Caetano,

      Aplologies for the delayed response.

      I tested this based on your comments. For a SFG, i created RM1 & RM2 as BOM components. SFG is with special procurement key 30 and i have created Subcontracting Info record for SFG with the Vendor ABCD. ABCD is maintained as MRP area in Configuration. So when there is a demand for SFG, the procurement proposals for RM1 & RM2 is created at the MRP area level and also at the Plant level.

      Regarding my second question - We have the MRP area field in MD61 right..? We can enter the demand manually for that subcontractor and can replenish for the vendor as well. Will we be able to find out the demand of a vendor?

      Thanks & Regards,