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Former Member
Sep 19, 2007 at 06:58 AM

How does a Full load in ODS with existing........


Hi all,

I need a small clarification.

Normally we do a Repair Full Request in the ODS to post full uploads.

This repair is a full upload that is denoated as a repair.

The existing delta isnot invalidated as a result.

Where as in a infocube with existing delta even though we make a full load inbetween it will not invalidate the existing delta.

Now my question is, How does it invalidate the existing delta in the ODS if i dont make a full load as repair full request but no effect on Infocube existing delta.

Can any one provide in detail in DB level the delta mechanisam how it works in ODS nd in the Infocube and how a full load in ODS with existing delta will invalidate it but not in the Infocube.

Thanks and Regards,

K Janardhan KUmar