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Former Member
Sep 19, 2007 at 06:13 AM

A new technique to teach people to be ethical


Hello All,

I have been reading a lot about people point hunters and mongers who spoil the forum...and almost every time I come to CC, i see one or the other one in the pool...

So i just thought of this idea....something like a Death Penalty...!

The method is very simple....

If any one is caught doing anything on the forum, which is forbidden, then simply delete the user id...One mistake(which gets caught) and down you go.....!

Let them come up with another ID, and obviously...sooner or later they will get caught...and again...delete them....

No Mercy at all....atleast someday they will realize that being ethical is the only thing that they can do to be on this forum...!!

What say ppl ??



P.S : There are many other things that can go with the moderators being able to delete the ID's and some junior moderators, helping them....and so on...!