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Sep 19, 2007 at 01:33 AM

TableView with DropDownList Box


Hello Experts,

I am trying to pull a drop down list box into a table view. The table already contains data, so I need the initial value to be pulled in to the field. I want the user to be able to possibly change the value using a drop down list box. I can get an input box to work but not a drop down list box. Here is my code:

<htmlb:tableView id = "Prescription"

headerText = "Prescriptions"

headerVisible = "true"

design = "alternating"

table = "<%= zzscript_fin %>" >


<htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName = "vetid"

title = "Vet"

type = "User" >

<htmlb:dropdownListBox id = "$TVCID$"

table = "<%= wa_vets %>"

selection = "$VETID$"

nameOfKeyColumn = "VETID"

nameOfValueColumn = "VETNAME" />


<htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName = "issued"

type = "User"

title = "Issue Date" >

<htmlb:inputField id = "$TVCID$"

invalid = "false"

value = "$ISSUED$"

size = "10"

maxlength = "20"

type = "Date"

showHelp = "true"

firstDayOfWeek = "2" />



The dropdown list <u>does</u> contain values, so I know it works, but the initial value is set to the first value in the dropdown table, not the overall table.

Thanks in advance,