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Sep 18, 2007 at 10:42 PM

DTP fails when loading InfoObject from a generic DataSource


Hello BI community!

I have BI 7.0, support pack level 7. I have created custom InfoObject with attributes and I want to populate this InfoObject from a custom transparent table maintained by users in dialog transaction. I have created a generic datasource (SBIW) and BI 7.0 Datasource, Transformation and DTP.

The load to PSA (BI 7.0 Datasource) works pretty well. The load from PSA to DataTarget (InfoObject) is not working. When I execute the DTP the below error appears, but I am not using InfoCube:


Cannot load request to real-time data target

Message no. RSSTATMAN043


You are trying to load data using a DTP into InfoCube that set the Real-Time Data Acquisition indicator. This is only possible once the InfoCube has been changed to the corresponding load status.


In the object tree of the Data Warehousing Workbench for the InfoCube, call the Real-Time InfoCube Load Response, using the context menu (right mouse button). Switch the load response to Transactional Cube Can Be Loaded. Planning Not Permitted.


Does anyone know whether InfoObjects are "considered" as Real-time data targets in B 7.0?

I know only DSO and InfoCubes can be RDA, not InfoObjects....

Any ideas of why the above misleading and confusing error message?

Thanks in advance!