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Sep 18, 2007 at 08:46 PM

HR Compare employees on 2 different boxes



I have a requirement where I have to compare all employees on 1 box against the employees on a different box based on company code.

HR has it's own box.

The other modules FI, MM, SD etc...sit on another box.

There's an interface that sends IDOCs from HR box to other box with employee updates on a daily basis to ensure both boxes are in sync.

They want to be sure that in fact they are in sync by running this report.

The info types I need to compare are 0000, 0001, 0002, 0006, 0009, 0017, 0105.

They want to compare ALL the fields in each infotype.

My approach is the following:

1. Select all employees for a company code from other box and store in a table

2. Store the infotypes I need in another table

3. Create an RFC on the HR box that I will call 1 time

Send all the employees, infotypes, and company code

4. The RFC will send the Current Employees from the HR box to the Other box

5. I'll loop through each employee and compare ALL the fields per infotype

6. Any discrepancies, I'll list on the report

The most employees we have is about 7000.

Do you see any issues with this approach, such as performance or anything else?

Can I just do a straight:

IF PA0001_otherbox = PA0001_from_hrbox

or do I have to compare field by field?

with best regards....