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Sep 18, 2007 at 07:44 PM

Multiple Delta Infopackages after transport - ODS to cube


Hi All,

We have recently run into an issue when transporting our Delta infopackages that update our cubes from an ODS. Here is our current scenario:

Billing ODS --> UPDATES --> Billing Weekly Cube

We created a new Billing Daily cube, so our new scenario is:

Billing ODS --> UPDATES --> Billing Weekly Cube, Billing Daily Cube

Problem is, the system generated Delta infopackage that updates from ODS to cube only had the Billing Weekly cube selected as its data target. So in order for the infopackage to update our new daily cube, we changed it in our DEV system to update into all data targets. When we transported to QA, we end up with two system generated infopackages, one with the old settings (which only updates the Billing Weekly cube) and one with the new setting (update all data targets). We cannot delete the old infopackage because we only have the one infopackage in DEV.

This process to update from ODS to cube is also part of a process chain. Currently the process chain only updates the Billing Weekly cube, where we want it to update Billing Daily as well. So the chain appears to use the old infopackage, instead of the new one.

If anyone can offer assistance, it would be greatly appreciated.