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Sep 18, 2007 at 03:46 PM

URGENT u0096 MM Purchase Order (Implementation Query)



Dear All,

I need some Information/help URGENTLY for a presentation/meeting I will be attending later this week.

If a service based company, wants to start implementing Purchase Order Processing (ME21N), however they only want to implement the actual MM Module to a (Very Minimum) what/how would they make this happen??

Currently this company has an Invoice Management System Called “Ebydos/Readsoft and all Vendors Invoices are managed & paid via this transaction”. They do not want to scrap this system (So we will NOT be using T-Code - MIRO). In addition, this Company does NOT want to Goods Receipt so basically “No” MIGO or ML81N – We have 2 Way as opposed the the usual 3 Way matching.

This company wants to Implement a VERY MINIMAL – MM System, where its users Can Raise Purchase Orders, without maintaining the Item lines. So basically they want Purchase orders with the Header Information Only (EKKO), and they don’t want to maintain anything in the Item information (EKPO) – I assume this is because they don’t want to maintain material etc...

Also if this company absolutely has to use the Item Level in ME21N (Creating Purchase Orders), then they would ideally like to code the item Direct to a GL Account Code (Table – BSEG), rather than a particular item & purchase groups / material group – (Table EKPO).

I hope the above makes sense, basically the Information I need is the following:

(1) Is it possible to Create purchase orders WITHOUT implementing MM (EG – Can some form of Purchase Ordering System, be created/configured in FI/CO) – Which we currently have, which would give us control on what we procure??

(2) If we must implement MM what is the Minimum Implementation/Configuration we need?

(3) Can you Create Header Only (EKKO) Purchase Orders, without maintaining Materials or Doing Item Lines. If we MUST do Item lines, can they be coded DIRECT to a GL Code (BSEG) rather than a particular Item & Material / Purchasing Group (EKPO)??

(4) Finally Can SAP handle the demands we require (as detailed above). Or are we talking about some form of a Be-Spoke system, linked or within SAP??

Thanks for your help in advance. Please email or post DOCUMENTATION / LINK to support /back-up your information/theories…

Kind Regards