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Sep 18, 2007 at 12:47 PM

Saving Web Application Report with Multiple Tabs



Can a user somehow save the drill-down and filter status of a web application with multiple reports in a tab web item?

The users have an application with 3 reports in a tab web item. (Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly) They want to drill-down by sales area and apply a filter to their sales areas in any of the 3 reports. They want the drill down and applied filters to affect the the other 2 reports reports as well. I am thinking I would do this by specifying "Affected Data Providers" for each data provider. Then they want to save the Template so they can come back and look at all 3 reports with the same drill-down and filters. I looked at the "Personalize Web Page", but from what I read in documentation it only saves the navigation state.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Ken Murray