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Sep 18, 2007 at 12:07 PM

Popups: Navigation from view to window does not work



I open a second window as popup. This window has 2 views embedded, displaying view1 first. On some actions I would like to navigate to view2.

Defining an outbound plug on view1 and an inbound plug on view2, connecting them and firing the outbound withith the onaction works absolutely fine.

However, for some reasons I would like to avoid a direct navigation, but would like to navigate from view1 to the popupo window and from there to view2 (or maybe another view, ofcourse also embedded in the same popup window). Unfortunately I fail on this scenario - I can fire the view-to-window plug, but the destination on the window side (handle in method) is never reached.

Since the same concept works fine on non-popup windows I wonder whether a navigation from view to embedded window does not work for popups?

Any idea?