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How to request a primary tag?

Oct 12, 2016 at 06:30 AM


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With the new community platform we are organizing the content using tags. They are much more flexible than the old spaces and are a chance to organize us better.

I am working with the ECC function Global Trade Management (GTM, also known as LO-GT) and I am missing a primary tag for it.

Already today blogs and questions regarding to SAP GTM can be found in the SAP community. Since GTM is closely related to MM, SD and GTS, you can find them with different tags. Obviously the users don’t know where to put their content resp. questions. Since GTM also is an abriviation for "go to market" searching for the term GTM is difficult to. But customers want to find answers to that specific area too. And me as a SAP Mentor want to search for questions to answer them.

So my question is, how I can request a tag for this subject?

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3 Answers

Kaushik Debnath Oct 13, 2016 at 06:28 AM

Hi Steffi,

I think, I did visit that page yesterday & there-over the Tags list to download in Excel was not there yesterday. Well I found that today only. Yesterday when I browsed the below page, I was not able to see the download File link.

You can see that there was no download file link at that time when I posted. Later on after replying in multiple posts only about the requirement of Tags List only today I am seeing the download file link in there.

Anyways, now only I got the total list,

so how is this even remotely an answer to his question?

Does every thing you answer is the exact answer to the users question. For example, the last comment of you here, I am sorry, I am not also finding it any sort of real answer to the actual question by the user.

I tried to point out the similar things which I faced, so that everyone can see & I think the SCN could become better only by US( you, me & everyone). I posted, so that the others who are others seeing this content, they will also say that yes that is exactly what we are also facing & we just did not express those in words.

Maybe you would agree that earlier we used to answer questions regarding SAP issues & now we are answering & posting issues on how to use SCN & stuff like this. Somehow we are trying to make it better because the small hurdles are there & we have to make it better by proposing solution & suggestion & discussions among ourselves. I would ask you, earlier we had answered in common questions, I don't remember how many questions in a day, but now compared to that, well I can find a lot of people finding difficulty using the new SCN & its having a lot to fix. If you did not find any matters like this, you can also follow my answers to see that I am replying to the users who are not feeling friendly in the new SCN. I just feel that SAP should not launch a buggy product in market & then when got everything fixed, you take out that product & then launch another buggy product. You can give dislike to me for this but not disagree to my point because I speak the truth ignoring whatever is in front of me.

I was trying to give suggestions to make the SCN better because I believe we can only make it better. But now you will ask me to post it separately in Idea Forum, I am also sorry to say I find that while posting anything in any page Whether its Q&A or Idea Place, I find that the page is leaving me to refresh, seriously, I lost count of how many times I do need to refresh a page to post a content. Sometimes, like this big content, I have to type in a Word file & then make a copy-paste, because otherwise, I think, will never be able to post anything, because, just after writing words, it will not take input & leaves me page refresh option. Now all these you will again say that its not relevant to the Actual User's Question answer, but I am posting, because since you asked & I am not the person who will put a question unless facing/real-problem is there. I generally do not also post questions but, sorry, I could not help bypassing myself those bugs. Now you will say go through Known Bugs List & also you guys are not SCN Admins or developers, I know that already. I know about SCN where & what & how to use but replying like this to make you understand the scenarios we, many people are going through. Maybe you would not agree with me with my points, but sorry to say, that what me being an active SCN User is facing which I would like to have it in better ways. The words User Friendly in the earlier posts were about facing issues in SCN using procedures. When we are struggling in sorting out bugs in SCN, then when will we sort out something in our SAP Products that we are using. I am sorry to highlight that in the current SCN we are facing troubles because all everything do not have guidelines in a single page. Some are there but that is not enough. Generally even if we launch a new SAP Product, we inform the Users about all use procedures, I know we have to construct more such documents here also. But now do not say the word called Spoon-Feeding, because me as a person who understands a web-page as well as I do have Web-Page Designing experience, after that also I am facing issues & some of them also I am sending which are really bugs, but at the same time you might ask that I only reported a few, but the fact is I am a kind of person who will understand & if suitable then only will report a matter to the concerned person. But, don't worry I am here telling you this only to help you understand why I pointed the facts in my earlier comment. Do not judge me because you also posted facing issues.



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Hello Kaushik,
just a quick reply (again).

"For example, the last comment of you here, I am sorry, I am not also finding it any sort of real answer to the actual question by the user."
That's because I replied to you, not the OP.

Peter has a valid question and a tag expert will hopefully answer it and they'll update the "About Tags" page with that information on how to suggest new tags or if a user can't do that.

It's not helpful to post lists of know issues on non-related content. I read some of your posts on the new platform, so I know you voiced your opinions about it. But this question is not the right place for it IMO.




Just to add to what you said, there is a blog, where this question was asked, but the provided answer was not very clear: The Practicalities and Implications of Tag Usage

I think, it will be great, if, after the process is clarified, that the blog is updated with this information, so that people will know that in the future.

Audrey Stevenson
Oct 28, 2016 at 10:18 PM

Hello Peter,

Thank you for the input; I will funnel it to the team that works on the tagging structure.



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Hi Audrey,

I am still waiting for an answer. Why does it take so long?




Hi Peter,

Is your request related to (or the same as) this:




Hi Brian,

yes, that is the subject I am talking about. It would be great to have a primary tag for it. If needed, I could be part of the moderators.

Thank you for taking care about it.



Joachim Rees Jan 27, 2017 at 07:40 AM

Do I get it right that the question asked here (How to request a primary tag?) is still not answerd?

(Or maybe it is, but elsewhere? Then a refference would be great, because "search before you ask" only makes sense if you find the answer along with the Question!)



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Oh, there is an answer on

It's: "Right now the process is to make the request via the 1DX Metadata group in Jam,"

..not so helpfull to the regular User.... as that question is quite new, I'll comment over there!


Hi Joachim,

from mit point of view this question is mit answered yet.