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Former Member
Sep 18, 2007 at 09:19 AM

cProjects 3.1: Project phase can be approved without individual approval


Hi Guys,

My requirement is to prevent cProjects phase from being approved if all of the individual approvers have not given their decisions.

I've tried using the customising for phase types to achieve this. Under the setting "Granting of App. with Rejected Individual Approval Allowed" I have specified "Granting not allowed". With this setting, the system will prevent approval if one of the approvers have rejected which is fine. However, if the approvers have not provided their decisions yet, the project manager can still approve the phase.

The following extract from the IMG help says that this setting should prevent approval if individuals have not given their aproval yet, in addition to checking for rejected.

"Under Grant with Rejected Individual Approval whether the approval of a phase can be granted even if all of the approval decision makers have not yet approved the approval. However, even in this case it is necessary that each decision maker has reached a decision."

Appreciate any help on this.