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Sep 18, 2007 at 09:14 AM

BPM Steps Asynchronous Flow


Hi all,

I had a scenario where i had to pick a file and transfer it to Oracle database table.

installation of drivers ,connectivity test has been done...

but the database table has to populated every time fresh data., as per the requirment. now i had to pick a file ,than a particular table data( all rows, not table)

has to be deleted, and than the new file data has to be populated in the table

i had design 2 mappings :

1. source file data to target table datatype ( for for inserting the data ).

2. source file data to a data type( for delete operation).

in BPM i had to make these asynchrous steps in sequence

<b> > Pick file -> Delete all rows in table --> Insert in table.</b>

<u>can any help what all the Blocks in BPM i had to configure.</u>

till now i had done :

<b>Start > Receive Step > Transformation1 ->Transformation2 > Stop</b>.

<i>Transformation1: Interface mapp for Deletion

Transformation2 : Interface mapp for Insert.</i>

is it correct or somewhere i had to change.