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SAP Security or BI/ABAP/functional modules

HI Everyone,

I recently completed my B.Tech and this is my first job. I am new to this technology so I am little confused about what should I choose as my career.

Currently I joined as SAP Security analyst and doing very basic stuffs like creating user and maintaining roles,

I am unsure about this module because out of all the other modules ( ABAP, Basis, BI or functional modules) I hear least about this module.

I still have an option to move into another module if I want to.

As I said that I am fresher only having 4 months experience on SAP security only but in my college I was good at database and programming both.

Please suggest me, for stable future perspective with ample growth can i consider this module or should I switch to some other modules.

Thanks in advance....


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2 Answers

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    Oct 28, 2016 at 03:36 AM

    Hi Shivam

    It's interesting how you have commented that you have been doing "very basic stuffs like creating user and maintaining roles"

    The reason I say it is interesting is a lot of people who claim to "do SAP security" actually have no idea how to properly build a role. The idea that's it's basic is relative. Yes, it's pretty basic for the number of transactions you stick to and the buttons available but there is so, so, so much more depth and breadth to security than just building roles. The key to stepping up in this area is learning the system - what technical people do and what business people. That means learning the platform and integration as well as understanding business process. This is the challenge in security: security spans everything and it's not just creating roles and users. The more you learn about security in the context of security will help you understand why you build a certain why. Why you have to restrict a particular field. Why sometimes asterisk is okay but other times it's not. Why the you should give access to some things for some users and not others to or the same user but not in all systems. And it call comes down to understanding risk.

    However, if OS/DB and other more technical topics are of interest to you then moving into Systems Administration might be a better job profile. It may be that your company has security as and aspect of Basis/System Administration (am not a fan of this approach) and if so, may see security as the first thing you learn along with printers/spool, batch jobs, system monitoring.

    4 months is a short time and there is a lot to learn still


    Colleen - a SAP security enthusiast

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      Hi Colleen,

      Thank you so much for your answer, and sorry for late reply
      I really appreciate each and every aspect of security module also now we are getting exposure of GRC, so its getting more interesting.
      The only motive behind my question is since I am starting my career now and I want to make a solid base so that it can be easy for me to sustain my whole career in this industry. (As I want to be in software industry only).
      Now my concern is, since security module is very much specific to SAP, which I sometime see it as a risk. and that's why I want to move to some other modules which can be more generic and that are being used in other platforms also.
      Please correct me if I am wrong and if you could suggest something more on the things, I can focus to make a strong technical background in SAP.


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    Mar 28, 2017 at 02:33 PM

    Hi Shivam,

    First of all you must be thanking yourself that you are currently working in a technology, that is not an Open-Source and it is a stable product. Every module in SAP has its own charm. It depends on you, what you want to do. If you are good at programming, then go for ABAP. But, be aware that Programming is something that you have to constantly upgrade yourself to the changing technology/SAP versions. If you want to have business knowledge then go for Functional role like SD, MM, WM .

    Now as per your current role, You are tagged to SAP BASIS. If you want to be a good technical consultant in BASIS, then you have to upgrade yourself in Database, OS, and then SAP.

    Every module in SAP is huge. You will learn more things and flourish.

    As per my experience goes, If you term SAP as a Hindu Caste system, the SAP FICO is a Brahmin. Now as you are a guy, FICO would take some time to grasp. Some best FICO consultants I know are all of commerce background (this is completely my experience).

    But always keep in mind, In INDIA, you will experience a the difference between 'Do what you love ' and 'love what you do'.

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    • Former Member

      Thanks a lot Shubhamoy for your reply..Just a small query again. If I want to have a certification on SAP Basis, can I do it now with closely 1 year of experience. The reason to ask this qsn is because I read that in India if you want to have a certification you either need to have 2 year of implementation experience or you have to choose for SAP training classes ( which are very costly). Please advice.