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Oct 11, 2016 at 11:43 PM

Safety Stock MZ calculation


Does safety stock method MZ uses the same formula as SZ? I believe only the difference between two is where do we maintain safety day's supply.

Formula for SZ and MZ: (Total demand in bucket/no of work days in bucket)*Safety Day's supply.

But I am not getting safety stock result as per above formula. PS screen shot below;


Looks like macro is just doing bucket wise cumulative sum in backward direction. Macro steps are same as SSP book.

Any clue where i am doing mistake? Also where can i find the macro calculation formula? If you see above macro steps, it's just a list of rows and doesn't explain where is multiplication or division?

Appreciate it.


sst.png (57.0 kB)
macro.png (13.3 kB)