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Former Member
Sep 18, 2007 at 07:34 AM

OSA BSP Javascript truncated code


Hi Experts,

I'm currently developping an Appraisal form template in OSA and i'm struggling with a strange system behaviour. When either previewing the template web layout from the backend or attempting to use it from the portal, i'm getting javascript errors saying "'Functi' is undefined". I have used the Microsoft Script Debugger and found out that the script sapUrMapi_ie6.js was truncated at line 4360 (whereas the script is normally 9959 lines long). I checked in my cache and indeed it is not the size it should be.

The weird thing is that this script is used in other applications in the portal and it is then downloaded correctly. However, i guess because it is not in the same context, Internet Explorer does not use the correct existing one but downloads it again (corrupted) and changes the name to sapUrMapi_ie6.js?

I have tried to check parameters in rz11 in case there would be some maximum request size or something similar but didn't find anything.

FYI we are running ECC 6.00 (SAP_HR and EA-HR and SP18 and SAP_ABA and SAP_BASIS are SP12) and EP 7.00 both with Enhancement Package 2005.1 SP03.

Has any of you ever crossed such a case ? I've got a workshop to run tomorow on that topic and am supposed to run a demo, so i'm kind of panicking, and already planning to sleep at work tonight :o))

Thanks in advance,