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Sep 18, 2007 at 05:40 AM

rolling forecast in IP



in BPS , it was easy to customize a rolling forecast. We were able to say :

- in a planning level : determine a variable PERPLAN on period (let's say 4 to 12)

- in a layout : determine a variable on period (1 to 12)

Thus, the first 3 periods was greyed in the layout.

Our problem is that we cannot reproduce this in IP.

We have a rolling forecast starting in february :

- 1st step : replace planning data in january with actual and the other periods with previous forecast thanks to a copy function

- 2nd step : enter the wad to plan data where January is supposed to be greyed and the oher periods opened.

It's not possible to reproduce the customizing done is BPS in aggregation level and query (as far as I know) to achieve this.

Do you have a solution for that (without using the data slice because we have to run the copy function) ?