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Sep 17, 2007 at 06:16 PM

Transaction Canceled BT 510


Hi All,

Last week we upgraded our 3.I system to ECC 6.0. We are getting the error "Transaction Canceled BT 510" every minute. What could be the problem?

See the the System Log below:

Transaction Canceled BT 510 ( )


Recording at local and central time........................ 16.09.2007 11:00:32

Task...... Process User...... Terminal Session TCode Program Cl Problem cl Package

18336 Background Processor No. 055 SAPSYS 1 RSBTCRTE K SAP Web AS Problem SDYN

Module nam Loc T100................ Parameters

BT 510

Documentation for system log message A01 :

The transaction has been terminated. This may be caused by a

termination message from the application (MESSAGE Axxx) or by an

error detected by the SAP System due to which it makes no sense to

proceed with the transaction. The actual reason for the termination

is indicated by the T100 message and the parameters.

Additional documentation for message BT 510

Failed to read step table


When a job is started, the individual steps are processed in sequential

order. For this to function, the steps must be read in their defined

order and then processed.

The appearance of this message means that the read access to the steps

in the current job failed.


The job involved cannot be started normally, and is therefore set to

status "Cancelled". In addition, this message is recorded in the

corresponding job log.


Check the SAP system log for messages that occurred around the time of

this message. In particular, look for messages from the database

interface, which will normally describe the cause of the problem more


If no database-specific log entries exist for this problem, please

contact your SAP system administrator for further analysis.