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Sep 17, 2007 at 03:14 PM

error with import of new compiled java package



in order to change some code in the java classes of the packages stored in the VV2-Content, 1.0 of SAP -> -> Mapping Objects -> Imported Archive, I exported all packages in this folder, extracted them, decompiled some classes (using jad), in which I would like to change some code, and imported these classes associated with other exported packages in a new project of eclipse. after changing the code and successfully compiling these java classes (with no error), I exported the ".class" from eclipse, replaced the old ".class" in the packages with the newly compiled ones(in a zip file) and at the end imported the changed packages (in zip files) in the folder "Imported Archive". After saving and activating the change, I sent an IDOC from R3 system to the XI system for test. In the monitor of the XI system, there was an error, which is

"Inkompatible Versionen von Klassen (Linkage Error)" (in English "incompatible versions of classes (linkage error)"). Can anyone tell me, how I can do with this error? Thanks.