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Sep 17, 2007 at 03:17 PM

SCN - altruism (only?)


This is triggered by a forum post (which is now deleted so no link...)

It talked of a tool that the poster had developed to run on SAP BI. He asked for beta testers and provided a link where you could see the demo and provide him inputs to improve it. (Disclaimer - I have no idea who the poster was, but I had replied on the thread saying I would be happy to help if I can - before the post was deleted. I thought it was exciting to see the enterpreneurial spirit of a fellow member).

It was deleted because it was 'commercial' in nature.

Which is fine. In a way.

There are a lot of developer/architects in this community. SAP itself is trying to sell its subscription offer - to enable them build and develop solutions (commercial ofcourse).

If I build a solution, which I am NOT trying to sell on SCN, is it still unethical to ask other members of a feedback on it? The solution is SAP (and that particular forum) related and maybe interesting for at least some people here, and for the discussions sake say may generate leads offline.

Let us try a minor variant of this. What if I build such solution on SAP provided system (the current subscription offer) which they promise will include support and premium goodies in SCN - would I expect to be allowed to talk about it (not as a sales pitch, but as a peer group brief or sort of ask for feedback from people interested)?

I do not expect a return out of my time on SCN. However, it doesn't make much sense to not allow me any leverage of the network I have built here - simply because it may have a commercial implication in far off time.

SCN is a community. However, every contribution made here has a direct commercial impact - every help provided has a value to the recipient. If I get a code for free it is 'free' but it would help if I remember that had it not been given there would have been financial impact (whatever little) to me/my co.

I very much wish SCN to be a community free of marketplace impacts. But even in your personal community (whatever it be) you do talk to people about things which may be commercial in nature and where you may be leveraging the relationships you have.

Just trying to bring a point up for discussion here.