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HANA CDS association prevent ODBC to works correctly

Aug 31, 2017 at 09:04 AM


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Hi all,

I've created a very simple entity test to association :

      entity Product {
            key id : Integer;
            name : String(50);
      entity Stock {
            key id : Integer;
            product_id: Association[1..1] to Product;

After activating the .hdbdd file I get 2 tables : Product & Stock.

When I look to Stock table I get a field named :

This field with a "." inside the name prevent any ODBC Connection to the table.

I've tested with MS product like Excel and Access and I get Invalid column name.

When I remove the association the field returns to it's expected name : product_id

and OBDC Connection is OK....

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I can't on ODBC connection with Excel or Access you do not have access to the SQL.

On Access you generate attached tables, but wizard failed because field name shouldn't have any "." inside...

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1 Answer

Florian Pfeffer
Sep 01, 2017 at 04:58 AM

Have to tried to enclose the column name with quotes, e.g. ""?


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