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hi frndz,

can anybody tell me the exact structure of report in implementation project?

helpful answers will be rewarsed.

thanks n regards.


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    Sep 17, 2007 at 05:03 AM


    the report must be easily understandable.............

    The structure is as follows.

    The different events in a report Program are:


    Triggers the associated event in an internal session after loading a program of type 1, M, F, or S. Also runs the associated processing block once and once only for each program and internal session. The processing block LOAD-OF-PROGRAM has roughly the same function for an ABAP program of type 1, M, F or S as a constructor has for classes in ABAP Objects


    This event is executed before the selection screen is displayed .

    Initialization of all the values.

    You can assign different values other than the values defaulted on the selection screen .

    You can fill your selection screen with some values at runtime.

    At Selection-Screen.

    The event is processed when the selection screen has been processed (at the end of PAI ).

    Validation & Checks of inputted values happen here

    Extras :

    …ON VALUE-REQUEST FOR psel_low_high .

    The pushbutton for F4 (Possible entries) appears beside the appropriate field.

    ... ON HELP-REQUEST FOR psel_low_high

    . ... OUTPUT

    This event is executed at PBO of the selection screen every time the user presses ENTER


    Here the program starts selecting values from tables.


    After all the data has been selected this event writes the data to the screen.

    Interactive Events

    Used for interactive reporting. It is used to create a detailed list from a basic list.

    Events in an ABAP/4 Report Program


    Processing block is executed after processing the selection screen

    All the data is selected in this block.

    All the main processing on the data except for interactive reporting is handled in this block.


    Data which is selected and has been processed is printed to the screen in this block.

    List Processing happens in this block




    Events during List Processing


    Triggered by the first write statement in the program

    It is used to have a standard header in the program for all the pages.

    TOP-OF-PAGE is only executed before outputting the first line on a new page


    Can be used when one wants to display different data on different pages

    Terminates the current page and continues output on a new page.

    Will not trigger the Top-of-Page or End-of-Page.


    It is used to have a standard footer for all the pages.

    Triggered by the program if the number of records exceed the line-count of the program.

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      hi jinesh,

      thaks for replying.

      what i'm asking is..

      suppose in implemention project report structure:

      report no-standard page heading line......

      *tables work area


      *selection creteria


      *select statements


      is it right or any thing else missing?

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    Sep 17, 2007 at 05:32 AM


    According to the requirement all the statements what u have mentioned will differ. Some may not have selection screen (input screen ) for the report. Some may have input screen with parameters and select-options. It differs. Actually the requirement is given by the functional, according to their need we have to develop.

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