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Sep 17, 2007 at 01:33 AM

Safety Stock


Hi Guys,

Stock on Hand: Zero

Safety Stock in MRP2 View:: 100

Actual Safety stock on Hand: 50 (50 units are deliverd from safety stock)

There is a production order to fulfill the safty stock 100 on future date.

Include safety stock selected in availability control

When creating sales order, system is confirming the stocks based on production order end date thou some safety stock available ti confirm.

Is this the standard SAP behaviour?

I understand, system is trying to fulfill the safety stock first (with production order) then if anything remaining, wil be available for customers.

In this case. production order end date is 22.09.2007, so the confirmation date in sales order would be 22.09.2007.

production order fulfill first 50 to maintain safty stock and then other 50 to confirm for customers.

Am i interpreting in the right way?

Problem: User wants see cofirmation in the sales order based on safety stock.he has stock on hand wether it is safty stock or what ever, he should fulfill the customer requirement.

that means system should confirm the stock based on avaiable safety stock at first should check the production order and say future date.

I feel that we need to use user exit to do this. any ideas?

Please suggest...

I hope i have explained clearly.