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Sep 16, 2007 at 10:12 PM

Cannot delete line item from sales order


Hi Gurus,

Need your expert helo for the following issue :

A sales order was created in CRM with 3 line items, the first and 3rd line item being the same.The order was successfully replicated to ECC.Now on the CRM side the 3 rd line item was deleted and another item was entered which doesnot exist in the system.The system gave 2 errors indicating that the item doesnt exist in the system which is valid.Now when we are tryng to delete the line item(3rd item which doesnt exist in the system) the system doesnt allow it .If there were any subsequent docs for this order it would make sense that order doesnt allow any changes on the CRM side but there is no delivery doc created yet.

Seems like the order is in some confused state.Can you please suggest what can be done to make sure that line item 3 can be deleted and changes on CRM side reflect to ECC.

your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Will reward with points.Thanks in advance.