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Sep 16, 2007 at 04:48 PM

Blocking short date materials during the MRP run



The term 'short date' for our client is defined as 'X' days ahead of the expiry date of the material(batch) when it is deemed as blocked(unavailable) stock. Example, material M & with batch B has shelf life of, say, 31 dec 2008 - this material has 365 days from this date in unrestricted stock ie., 31 dec 2008 minus 365 days = 31 dec 2007. After 31 dec 2007, this material should be automatically moved to the 'blocked' stock for disposal as scrap. Since MRP does not have the provision to consider 'short date' - is there a way to make this work? I'm planning to develop a code to move all such materials to blocked stock everyday before the MRP run. Do you see any problems, doing this? Any suggestions, ideas, user exits,BAPI's etc to make this work? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Another question - to move a batch to a blocked stock via a program, I'm trying to mark MCH1-ZUSTD = X, but this does not move the batch to restricted stock - any suggestions how or what other field(s) should I consider to move a batch to 'restricted' status programmatically?? Batches are managed at the client level and we are in R/3 6.0.