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Sep 15, 2007 at 05:54 PM

Dynamic Adapter Configuration



I have a need to do the following in a receiver adapter (SOAP/HTTP):

- Dynamically set the complete web service url (that is

- Dynamically set SOAP action in HTTP header

- Communicate via HTTPS

Both URL and soap action is in XI received in payload from sender.

The above need to be performed in a way that is scalable - in time solution should be able interact with several hundreds of different web services.

Now as far as I know this is not possible using either SOAP or HTTP adapter.

SOAP does not allow for dynamic conf. of web service url.

HTTP adapter does not allow for a scalable way of setting the complete web service url and at the same time communicating via HTTPS.

I assume this is no bigger deal using adapter module in receiver SOAP adapter.

However adapter modules is not yet allowed at customer.

Anybody got an idea?

Best Regards,