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Sep 15, 2007 at 06:52 AM

Partner Determination problem and email notification configuration dump


Hi Experts,

I am trying to configure Service Desk scenario in Solman 4.0.

I have configured my satellite system in IB52 and have also assigned administrator, support team, sold to party and employee responsible. I have also also made the organization in PPOMA_CRM, assigned it in PFAC.

After creating the support desk message, my business partners are not getting updated due to which probably I am not able to see the status "Sent to Support" which i have added in between "New" and "In Process". Also my user status field is not getting updated in CRM_DNO_MONITOR with status "New".

I have also maintained the settings required in SPRO for Action Profile for Business Transaction Types for SLFN.

Here i have made the settings as follows:

Action Profile set as SLFN0001_ADVANCED.

Status Profile set set as SLFC0001 (SLFN0001 value not available).

Partner Determination procedure set as SLFC0001 (SLFN0001 value available).

Organization Data profile set as SMSD00000002.

I have also made the required configuration as per SAP Note no. 663970.

While doing so, I saw earlier configuration was done in SPPFCADM -> DNO_NOTIF -> SMSD_CREATE_CRM_TRANSACTION

PARTNER_FCT_CREATOR having value as SDSM0002 &

PARTNER_FCT_PROCESSOR having value as SDSM0004.

I have deleted entries of BC - Team and CRM - Team from responsibilites of CRM_DNO_1 from PFAC.

E-Mail Notification Dump:

While doing the configuration for E-Mail Notification as per SAP Note No. 691303 (Send mail via action tutor), I am getting dump in SPPFCADM -> CRM_ORDER -> Condition Configuration as "Uncaught Exception with exception 'CX_OS_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND'"

My patch level details are as follows:

SAP_BASIS 700 0010 SAPKB70010

SAP_ABA 700 0010 SAPKA70010

PI_BASIS 2005_1_700 0010 SAPKIPYJ7A

ST-PI 2005_1_700 0003 SAPKITLQI3

SAP_BW 700 0010 SAPKW70010

SAP_AP 700 0007 SAPKNA7007

BBPCRM 500 0007 SAPKU50007


ST 400 0009 SAPKITL419

ST-A/PI 01J_CRM500 0000 -

ST-ICO 150_700 0007 SAPK-15077INSTPL

ST-SER 700_2006_2 0000 -

I have also implemented following notes but still getting the dump:

Note nos. are 824378, 1016566, 992931.

Please help soon.