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Sep 14, 2007 at 12:56 PM

Remote key for lookup tables



I need some advice on remote keys for lookup tables.

We have loaded lookup data from several client system into the MDM repository. Each of the client system can have diffferences in the lookup values. What we need to do is to enable the keymappings so that the syndicator would know which value belongs to which system.

The tricky part is. We haven't managed to send out the values based on the remote keys. We do <b></b>not<b></b> want to send the lookup tables themselves but the actually main table records. All lookup data should be checked at the point of the syndication and only the used lookup values that orginally came from one system should be send to that particular system. Otherwise they should be tag should be blank.

Is this the right approach to handle this demand or is there a different way to take care of this? What would be the right settings in the syndicator?

Help will be rewarded.

Thank you very much

best regards