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Sep 14, 2007 at 06:23 AM

Funds Centers Copy



has smbd. an experience with funds centers copying from one operating year to another in year dependent master data ?

The problem is : when I export a fund centers from system with a transaction fmsx using customer exit which changes the validity dates from 2007123120070101 to 2008123120080101 in the export file, I will get the mesage by import with fmsy "Funds center XXXXXXX does not match those already present". When I add a new funds center, which we plan to use next year I will get the error message "Funds center YYYYY nonexistent in hierarchy variant 2008".

The question is:

I thought that the exporting the data would be just a sort of help for the import process, where , in the text file, I could make any changes - delete the funds centers I don't need next year, add some new, make some changes in hierarchy etc. It seems not to work at all.

Any workaround ?

Thanx a lot in advance .

Kind Regards

Alexey Voynikov