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Sep 13, 2007 at 05:18 PM

Enhance a LO Extractor - Questions


I have gone through the following blogs on LO cockpit extraction




But I have the following questions:

1. I am working with 2LIS_17_I0NOTIF. I need the field AUSBS, which is available in the communication structure MCQMEL in se11, but it is not available on the right side of the “Maintain” window in LBWE. Why is this the case? I thought all the fields in the communication structure will be available in the “Maintain” window. How do I make AUSBS appear in LBWE “Maintain” window?

2. If I can’t make it appear in LBWE, then I have to append the extract structure in se11. When I append, why do I have to use the prefix ZZ in front of AUSBS instead of just AUSBS? In this particular case, if I use ZZAUSBS, then, I believe, I have to write user exit code, whereas if I use AUSBS then, I hope, the extract structure will map into the communication structure and I don’t need user exit code. Please let me know whether my understanding is correct here and if not why the use of prefix ZZ is ideal.

3. This is a general question for LO extractions. If I understood roberto’s blogs correctly then the “append” can be done to either the communication structure or the extract structure. In both the cases the “newly” added fields have to be populated using ABAP. In the former case, the enhancement is different for different application component [like LEINS001 for PO related], whereas in the latter case the enhancement for every datasource in R/3 is RSAP0001 and you just use the case statement for a given datasource. Again, in the former case the “newly” appended fields are available in the “Maintain” window in LBWE (Are they?), whereas in the latter case, they are only available in the datasource. Please comment

As always, I will assign points to all the helpful inputs.