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BADI MRM_WT_SPLIT_UPDATE not working properly and not able to get the values from screen field

Aug 30, 2017 at 11:29 AM


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I have to calculate withholding tax table data automatically

My requirement is to update withholding tax using the line item entries in MIRO.I update I_rbkpv-h_rbws table, I give split key as '1' for everthing.

I have wrote the following code in badi.


DATA: wa_drseg TYPE mmcr_drseg,
wa_rbws TYPE rbws,
wa_rbvs TYPE rbvs,
lv_index TYPE sy-tabix.

LOOP AT te_rbws INTO wa_rbws.
lv_index = sy-tabix.

wa_rbws-wt_qsshb = 140.
wa_rbws-wt_qbuihb = 60.

MODIFY te_rbws FROM wa_rbws INDEX lv_index TRANSPORTING wt_qsshb wt_qbuihb.

in this example We would like to fix base amount to 150, its adding the table te_rbws but not showing on the screen(MIRO).

I can able to see the changes in internal table but not reflecting in MIRO with holding tax screen.

when I execute MIRO I can see below data in I_RBKPV-H_RBWS

TE_RBWS table

now i will execute my code as shown above and modify the the tab

after execution TE_RBVS values

Everything fine in the interl table but when I see in miro screenn values are not getting populated.

i-rbkpv-h-rbws.jpg (36.1 kB)
te-rbws.jpg (31.9 kB)
te-rbws-after.jpg (45.1 kB)
te-rbvs.jpg (38.6 kB)
miro.jpg (16.7 kB)
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1 Answer

Pablo Casamayor Aug 30, 2017 at 03:15 PM


read this thread:

Withholding Tax tab in MIRO Transaction

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according Note 904652 - MIRO:changes which are done in BADI MRM_WT_SPLIT_UPDATE ie manually adding the withholding tax to table te_rbws calculations and value transfers do not take place until the document has been posted rite.

But if I add it manully I can able to see the values in with holding tab and if I add values to table te_rbws I am not able to see the values in with holding tab. Is there any way where I can overcome this issue ?



according to this OSS Note:

1156325 - BAdIs in the Logistics Invoice Verification environment

How does the BAdI affect the application?
Changed values are returned to the application.
An active implementation of this BAdI excludes the manual entry of the withholding tax base and amount. You define the settings for the calculation in Financial Accounting Customizing under the following activity: Define Withholding Tax Type for Invoice Posting

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