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BAPI_SALESORDER_GETDETAILBOS table st_ordercfgscurefs field config_id

Hello everyone

I am using the BAPI BAPI_SALESORDER_GETDETAILBOS to retrieve the SO item detail configuration. Those configuration will be copied to new items in the SO.

Time to time, the field CONFIG_ID is not starting with 000001. It is starting by 000003 or other number. What is the reason for it?.

I need to create new items, with the configuration, where those one are an exact copy of already existing one in the SO. The only changes are the quantities and date in schedule lines.


I understand the config_id should be unique per POSNR created/updated. But if the already existing items config_id is starting by 000003, can we use config_id 000001 and 000002 to assign to the new items that we are adding to the SO?

The new items have configuration assigned. So I need to fullfil the tables order_cfgs_ref, order_cfgs_inst and order_cfgs_value.

Based on my understanding, the config_id field is the link between those tables. It should be unique per VBAP-POSNR that is created/updated.

Should it be unique for the entire VBAP? So, all VBAP-POSNR regardless of they are part or not of the update?

Actually this is creating a dump where the message is:

Short text of the error message:
Duplicate owners: Contact LO-VC development
Long text of the error message:
Technical information about the message:
Message class....... CUIB1
Number.............. 699
Variable 1..........
Variable 2..........
Variable 3..........
Variable 4.......... " "


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