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UTF-8 Encoding and Hash256 with salt as secrete

Hi everyone,

My requirement is to generate an hash string to be sent in the Webservice request.

I have the username and password. I have to encode these with UTF-8 format and Hash them with password as salt.

The lv_username is built by concatenating the timestamp, guid and username.

CALL METHOD cl_abap_message_digest=>calculate_hash_for_char
if_algorithm = 'SHA256'
if_data = lv_username
ef_hashb64string = lv_hash_b64string.

I am able to generate hashed 64bit string. However, how can i use the password as salt while hashing it?

Also, I have to encode the password in UTF-8 format before using it as salt. I have used the 'Convert' method in class 'cl_abap_conv_out_ce'. Since, Password is a string with combination of integers and characters I am not not able to encode it. how can I encode it to UTF-8?

Thank you in advance.



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  • Are you trying to calculate a "PasswordDigest" ? (for instance, WSSE) If so, why don't you use the built-in function in SOAMANAGER, or is there any reason why you can't use it ?

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    Nov 09, 2017 at 06:53 AM


    We can use the calculate_hmac_for_char of cl_abap_hmac class to hash the string with salt. In the below code, If_key parameter is used to pass the salt.

    CALL METHOD cl_abap_hmac=>calculate_hmac_for_char
    if_algorithm = 'SHA256 '
    if_key = lv_api_secret" Salt
    if_data = lv_apikey
    ef_hmacb64string = lv_api_hashb64string.
    CATCH cx_abap_message_digest .

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