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FIORI Launchpad in eclipse

Aug 29, 2017 at 09:38 AM


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Hello Guys,

I am trying to create an FIORI Launchpad in my eclipse IDE,from where I can link to several of my own applications in eclipse IDE.Is this possible,if so how can I do it.I have tried using :-


This brings up an launchpad,but it doesnot link to my application.Is there any other way to create my own local FIORI Launchpad.

Thanks in Advance !!

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2 Answers

Sharath M G Sep 11, 2017 at 07:33 AM

Why do you want to re-create the wheel?

Actually, it's too complex for you cannot create a custom Fiori Launchpad. It's like creating your own SAP Portal.

You can create your own dashboard like application using Fiori Overview pages.

Use the standard Fiori Launchpad to host your applications as tiles. Extend the launch pad as per your requirement by using CSS of extensions.



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Thank you so much Sharath M G,

Actually my requirement is that I have to do the application in Eclipse and it should show the FIORI launchpad with only my application tile. As of now let us say that there is no ABAP repository in question. Therefore, please guide me as to how can I create an Fiori Overview page inside my Eclipse. If you could share some code or documents, that would be better.

Thanks in Advance,


Arjun Biswas.


Do you mean, your applications should be listed inside Fiori launchpad? If Yes, then include it as a tile.

If No, could you explain further, with the exact requirement?


Thank you for your reply Sharath M G,

Consider I have a application in Eclipse. It is a basic application with lets say about 2 views & 2 controllers. Below I have given a image of my project structure :

My requirement is that, when I run my application i.e. the index.html file, the launchpad should appear first with only my application tile and when I click on my application tile, It should navigate to my root view. Can this be done ?

Thanks in advance.

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I would still suggest you to use Launchpad.

Create a catalog with only your tile. Then, create a unique role for your user and assign that role.

Assign only this catalog to this role.

So, now the user with this role has only one catalog, which has only one tile.

Open the launchpad, it will have one tile and now your requirement works.



divya p May 07 at 02:03 PM

Hi Sharath,Can you tell me How to create Fiori Overview Page using eclipse because for all our Fiori development we are using eclipse.I developed with Sap web IDE.But I want with this using eclipse.

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