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Aug 29, 2017 at 09:12 AM

Fiori 2.0 text link issue


Hi all,

we recently upgraded our SAP Gateway so that we can use Fiori 2.0 in our apps. The apps are used by the users through the iOS Fiori Client application on the iPad and we now run on UI5 version 1.44.16.

At first the upgrade seemed fine but after some time I noticed that clicking on any text link in the apps (sap.m.Link->press, sap.m.ObjectHeader>titlePress, etc) gave issues. When a (very) quick tap is done it works fine but a normal press on the link resulted in being redirected to the launchpad homescreen.

The issue only occurs when running the apps through the Fiori Client app, we tested both the Appstore version and a custom build version). On the desktop we have no issue and also on the iPad itself we can run the apps fine through the safari browser.

On the desktop browser I noticed that pointing a mouse cursor over the link (hover) results in a generated url which indeed points to the launchpad (http://<server:port>/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/shells/abap/FioriLaunchpad.html?sap-client=100&sap-language=NL#) but clicking on it still successfully executes the press event instead (in our case a pop-over is shown). This seemed to be changed in UI5 versions 1.44.x and later (tested through the webIDE run configurations) because in the pre Fiori 2.0 versions (1.42.x and lower) the generated url was javascript:void(0);

The question I have is if anyone knows if text links were indeed updated and if you need to do some configuration to get it working again or if it might be a bug (and do you know a solution).

Thanks in advance :-)