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Real time job timeouts; Transaction Control in Oracle

Oct 11, 2016 at 04:02 PM


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We have 17 real time jobs, out of which 2 have transaction control (to ensure dimensions are loaded first and then facts) and 1 job that has Delete script on Target table before Inserting new records.

For messaging queues we use Apache Active MQ 4.1.2.

Rest of the Real time job are quiet straight forward. With this model we had developed Real time jobs in DS 3.2 and they have been working fine without any issues.

Data Services: 3.2
Database: Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit
DS Server Memory: 36 GB RAM
DB Server Memory: 36 GB RAM

We recently upgraded to DS 4.2 and from Physical to Virtual Servers. Since then the above 3 RT jobs are failing with Timeout errors. Even though the times were increased quiet high the jobs continue to timeout.

Data Services: 4.2
Database: Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit
DS Server Memory: 16 GB RAM (2 Nodes 16 GB each clustered)
DB Server Memory: 32 GB RAM (2 nodes 32 GB each clustered)

The RT jobs with Transaction controls would process 1 XML file and fail for second, process the third fine and fail on fourth, so on and so forth. The records that fail don't have any entry in Monitor and Error Log, 0KB files on server.

Stopped all the rest of the processes and ran only 1 RT job to rule out memory issues and the job continues to do the same. Then, redesign the job without transaction control and since then the job has not failed any records. Tried with Apache Active MQ 5.9.0 but the issue still persist.

What is it that can be checked to make sure the job works with transaction control? Is there anything specific at the database level that can be validated for Transaction Control?

Islauddin Mohammed

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