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Sep 12, 2007 at 08:14 AM

condition type



I need to create an ALV report.The spec is as follows.

A report is needed for CVS credits. They are requesting certain fields to be included in the report. The Customer Relations analyst is having to report on this manually with selection and deselection fields from VA05.

To make this report more globally usable, the column YYLP Unit price should be taken as the Gross Value (subtotal 1 KOMP-KZWI1) amount /quantity, and the net price (YYP1) to use the net price for item

(KOMP-NETPR). The partial quantity discount will need to be read as condition type YYP1 in the procedure, or alternatively, calculated based on total discount subtotal line 5 (KOMP-KZWI5), and expressed as a


Recommend a custom ABAP report be developed here rather than BW, due to the logic and specific layout needed. Selection options for the report: Sales org (VBAK-VKORG), created on date (VBAK-ERDAT), distrib. channel (VBAK-VTWEG), sold-to customer (VBAK-KUNNR), sales doc type (VBAK-AUART). Output should be using ABAP List Viewer, to provide user with ability to sort and subtotal.

This is the sample output of how the report shud look like :

Item|Material | Desrcptn| Batch| <b>Confirmqty</b>| <b>PartialQty</b>| <b>Unit</b> <b>Price</b>|<b>NetPr</b>| <b>Rej.reson</b>

10 | 2105d3 | xyzz | 10 | 1 | -75% | 273.93 | 68.48 | no lot nr.

Can anyone plz help me on how to retrieve the fieldsConfirm qty,partial qty,unit price,netpr and rej reason??

Thanks in advance.