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Sep 12, 2007 at 06:44 AM

Particular Impirt Scenario



Pls see my scenario below :

Standard PO will be created for Import Procurement. Now when the material reaches our port or dock , client want to see it in their company's balance sheet .

a.Now Vendor Invoice reaches and now they need an entry like this :

Dr Material in Transit

Cr Supplier

Now if they passes this entry directly in FI and giving payment , then we can not do a MIRO for this . SO PO will be open forever .

So this step I need to do MIRO and whether there is some transaction in MM , where I can put some stock in ' Stock in Transit' or 'Material in transit' and while actually doing MIGO should reverse that or reduce the stock form 'Stock in transit' to normal stock .

Can anyone please tell me an actual solution for this ?