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Former Member
Sep 11, 2007 at 10:30 PM

Payload Message Email Condition XPath Expression problemu0085


Hi All,

I am getting the response Payload Message from the other end and the response message as email and if the status code message is other then 200 I want to send a mail. For that I am checking the Condition below in the Receiver Determination’s XPath Expression value.

<b>/p1:Message/StatusCode &#8800; 200. And I selected the radiobutton as <i>End Message Processing Without Error (Restart not Possible)</i>.</b>

After checking the condition also getting the mail.

Still my condition is not satisfying. I am using the BPM to get response message.

Is their anything needed to do in BPM to control the message other then 200.

Please throw you valuable thoughts and ideas to resolve my problem.