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Aug 30, 2017 at 09:19 AM

Issue MDG App Extension - MDG_REQ_CC in Web IDE - Change Request Type not Configured


The App "Request new Cost Center" MDG_REQ_CC is up and running in the Fiori Launchpad with no errors.

Now we wanted to do an extension of this app, but whenever it reaches the point to open it in the extensibility pane of SAP Web IDE, we always get a error saying "Change Request Type not configured".

We have been investigating possible solutions and came along this thread:

In which it says to check if the BC-SET CA-MDG-APP-FIN_CR_ODATA_05 is activated, which it is.

All the pre-requisites displayed here --> are also correctly activated and we can access the BAdI: Derivations and Default Values Across Entity Types for SAP Fiori.

Badi access:

Business functions activated:

Anyway, we found these issues:

Differences between BC Set and Tables

BC Set Consistency check:

Are these the issues that prevent us to extend the app in SAP Web IDE and are the cause of the error "Change Request Type not configured"? If so, how can we configure it correctly to be able to work on SAP Web IDE?

Thank you in advance for all the help provided.

Best regards,